About Valor

Valor Brewpub is a Veteran-inspired bar, restaurant and brewery. Located just across the street from Washington’s 8th and I Street Marine Barracks on Barracks Row, Valor makes it a point to employ Veterans, use Veteran-owned products and support Veteran causes, donating 10% each time a Veteran organization or non-profit hosts an event there.

Chad Luebbert

Chad was born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri and attended the University of Missouri – Columbia. Starting his junior year, Chad joined the Army ROTC program. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and branched Aviation. Chad served for over 21 years on active duty with assignments in Alabama, Texas, Germany, Delaware, and Washington DC. Deployments included Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Chad was excited to be one of the original co-founders of Valor Brewpub with Gaynor and Robert with the core mission to hire veterans, use veteran products, and support Veteran causes.